Healogics is committed to providing the best tools, guidance and education to help our physicians stay in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.

Healogics Compliance Program

Healogics Compliance Department aims to be a trusted partner in fostering integrity, transparency, accountability and a culture of ethical behavior. Our Compliance Department strives to protect and uphold the values of Healogics for its employees, affiliates and partners.

Our approach to compliance is a comprehensive program, built to promote business practices that ensure quality of care for patients, and adherence to applicable laws and regulations. In addition to detecting and preventing fraud, waste, abuse and policy violations, our Compliance Program provides our employees, affiliates and partners with resources to help guide conduct and report concerns.

Healogics has established systems, processes and committees – from our Wound Care Centers® and corporate offices to the Board of Directors – to promote compliance in all areas of the business. This comprehensive program is administered by an independent Compliance Department and is led by a Chief Compliance Officer, who reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Healogics Compliance Program is responsible for:

  • Understanding the rules and regulations that govern the company’s business lines
  • Partnering with operations to ensure a culture of compliance
  • Designing and implementing controls to protect against identified risks
  • Monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of those controls
  • Resolving compliance difficulties as they occur
  • Working collaboratively with operations on any required corrective measures
  • Validating the efficacy of corrective measures

Fundamental Elements of an Effective Compliance Program

Healogics Compliance Program employs a balanced approach to compliance utilizing both proactive and reactive measures.

Proactive: We utilize key metrics to identify outliers and potential areas of concern in order to assess and address issues as necessary before they become more widespread or increase in severity

Reactive: We respond quickly to unanticipated issues that are more immediate in nature, such as complaints from patients or clients, or reports of suspected violations submitted by employees.

Healogics program is designed according to the Office of Inspector General’s elements of an effective compliance program:

  • Implementing written policies, procedures, and standards of conduct
  • Designating a compliance officer and compliance committee
  • Conducting effective training and education
  • Developing effective lines of communication
  • Conducting internal monitoring and auditing
  • Enforcing standards through well-publicized disciplinary guidelines
  • Responding promptly to detected offenses and undertaking corrective action.

Monitoring and Auditing

Quality – Billing
Licensure/ certification verification
Federal/state exclusion screens
Physician contracts
Privacy and security

Standards of Conduct

Policies and procedures
Privacy and security
Code of Conduct

Training and Education

General compliance training
Privacy and security training

Lines of Communication

Open door
Hotline calls
Direct reports to compliance
Legal department

Corrective Action

Action plans for all identified issues

Overpayment adjustments
Self-disclosure reports
Board reports


Investigate all compliance concerns
Billing integrity
Human resources

If you have a question or concern, Healogics encourages you to contact us immediately:

Call 888.999.9460